Sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood

Into The Woods is one of my favourite films/musicals for a lot of reasons but one thing that I really love about Into The Woods is the songs. Lyrically I think that Into The Woods has some of the best songs ever, all songs play a key and vital role within the musical. However, there is one song above all of them that I strongly resonate with and that is No One Is Alone.

No One Is Alone is placed towards the finale of the musical and it is a soft and gentle song. The first time I heard the song was just under two months after my mum’s passing (which know seems like a long time ago). No One Is Alone does exactly what it says on the tin, you are not alone, not really. And yes sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood but they haven’t truly left you, not really. I feel that is easy to tell why I strong resonate with this song.

Do you have any songs that you feel a strong emotional connection too? Let me know in the comments!