The Start Of Something.

Mum, It’s Me! is finally born as dramatic as that may sound!

The idea for this blog has been in my head for the past four months and I have knuckled down and decided to make it. Now, if you are reading this I bet you are wondering what the hell this blog is all about.

Mum, It’s Me! is a way for me to deal with the grief of loosing my mum last year. On this blog I will post updates in my life (maybe she will read them if there is such thing as the afterlife) and I will discuss other things such as grief and portrays of mothers in films/TV. Of course, in time this blog will be able to show what I mean but for now my poor explanation will have to do.

If you are interested in watching this blog develop and grow, please don’t be a stranger, I do love feedback!

That is all for this introductory post, keep an eye out for weekly updates!