365 Days Later

At time of posting it will be a year since my mum passed away, it does not feel like a year, not one bit. It is weird to think that since her death I have graduated university with a 2.1, started to learn to drive, moved back home, turned twenty-one and seen All Time Low live for the tenth time. I have done a lot of stuff in the past year, a lot of stuff she will never know about.

So what does one do when the anniversary of loved one finally arrives? In all honesty, I have no idea. My day is going to be rather normal I have a driving lesson and work on the same day; I hope that after work some friends and I could go out for a few drinks as a way to remember my mum.  I don’t want to shut myself out from the world and wallow in sadness but I also don’t want to make a big fuss about the day.

Really it’s just one day out of 365 of them, it will begin and it will end. I will have friends and family around me who will make sure I am okay and that is what really matters being surrounded by loved ones.



By the time, I post this blog it will be a year since my mum was diagnosed and I find myself in a weird place.

I can tell you exactly where I was that day. I was at Reading Festival, I had just woken up in the afternoon after having my sleep (I was working night shifts) and I knew my mum was going to ring with the news. My mum never gave anything away; she simply confirmed what we had figured out some weeks before hand. As the call ended, I told her I loved her and went to watch The Hives play an amazing set.

In all honesty, the anniversary of my mum’s diagnose hasn’t been bothering me it is more what comes after. All too soon, November will be upon us and it will be a year since my mum passed away. Anniversaries are downright weird; some survivors celebrate them while those who have lost someone may dread the day.

For me, the next few months will come with their emotional struggles and it is just something I will have to battle through. The upcoming anniversaries are just a reminder that time has passed and I think that is the scariest part.