365 Days Later

At time of posting it will be a year since my mum passed away, it does not feel like a year, not one bit. It is weird to think that since her death I have graduated university with a 2.1, started to learn to drive, moved back home, turned twenty-one and seen All Time Low live for the tenth time. I have done a lot of stuff in the past year, a lot of stuff she will never know about.

So what does one do when the anniversary of loved one finally arrives? In all honesty, I have no idea. My day is going to be rather normal I have a driving lesson and work on the same day; I hope that after work some friends and I could go out for a few drinks as a way to remember my mum.  I don’t want to shut myself out from the world and wallow in sadness but I also don’t want to make a big fuss about the day.

Really it’s just one day out of 365 of them, it will begin and it will end. I will have friends and family around me who will make sure I am okay and that is what really matters being surrounded by loved ones.


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