I am my mother’s daughter

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’ve Become My Parents.”

My mum used to get annoyed about housework stacking up, be it the cleaning or the washing up, I now understand exactly where she was coming from. After my mum passed I found myself frustrated with sharing the house with my stepfather and stepbrother, they are two messy individuals and I began to fully understand why my mum used to yell the house down.

Only recently, I became aware that I had picked up a few of my mum’s habits when I asked my stepbrother to bring down the glasses from his room before he left home. In that moment I was clearly channelling my mum.

I can only guess in time and maybe when I decided I have children that I will develop more of my mum’s habits. Like mother, like daughter.


3 thoughts on “I am my mother’s daughter

  1. Wow now that you’ve mentioned it I think I’m becoming like my mom too! 🙂 This is so true I totally relate with getting frustrated at the cleanliness of the house. Now I think there’s gotta be a right way of cleaning and fixing things, and when people don’t abide by it I get annoyed a lot. ~___~


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